A. Translate the words.

a rainbow ___________________
an umbrella __________________
a puddle ____________________
wellies (Wellington boots) ___________________________
dry ________________________
mud ________________________
to shake _____________________
to splash _____________________
dirty marks ___________________
to be cross ____________________

B. Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones.

1. When Spot woke up, the weather was sunny. ____
2. Spot loved his breakfast. ____
3. After breakfast Spot looked out of the door. ____
4. Spot didn't want to go outside. ____
5. Steve was sitting in a bush. ____
6. Spot got wet because it was raining. ____
7. Helen was wearing green wellies. ____
8. Helen had a yellow umbrella. ____
9. Steve jumped from the tree into the pond. ____
10. It was fun to splash in the puddle. ____
11. When Spot entered the house his feet were dry. ____
12. Spot left dirty marks on the floor. ____
13. Spot splashed in the bath. ____
14. Spot played with his teddy in the bath. ____

C. Underline the right words.

1. Spot thought that he had to stay (indoors / outdoors) that day.
2. Spot wanted to go out and (walk / play).
3. Sally told Spot not to go in the wet (grass / bushes).
4. Outside Spot stopped and looked at the (flowerbed / rainbow).
5. Spot asked Steve to stop (shaking the tree / jumping in a puddle).
6. Helen needed the wellies to walk through (the puddles / the pond).
7. Spot asked Steve not to (stop / splash) him.
8. After jumping in the puddle their feet were (dry / wet) and (muddy / clean).
9. It started raining again, but Helen was nice and (wet / dry).
10. When Spot came into the house, Sally was (cross / worried).
11. Sally told Spot to get into the (bed / bath) at once.
12. It was (fun / hard) to take a bath.