Form 5

Let's go down to the sea
Months of the year
People in my town
Possessive pronouns
Everybody is different
Animal sounds
There's a hole in the bucket
Hey diddle diddle
This, that, these, those
The table song
In the jungle
The United Kingdom
Adjectives and adverbs
What are you wearing today?
Do you like spaghetti?
What are you going to do today?

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Form 4

Lesson 7. The bear went over the mountain
Lesson 9. The days of the week
Lesson 10. Every week
Lesson 11. What's the time?
Lesson 14. School items
Lesson 18. Welcome to my house!
Lesson 19. Rooms in your house
Santa Claus is coming to town
Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
Lesson 27. Pussy cat
Lesson 28. London's burning
Lesson 31. Transportation song
Lesson 34. Transport song
Lesson 35. The north wind
Lesson 36. Once I caught a fish alive
Lesson 39. Piggy on the railway
Lesson 41. Ride a cock-horse to Banbury cross

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Form 3

Lesson 1. My family
Lesson 2. Counting 1-10
Lesson 15. I like bananas
Lesson 17. Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?
Lesson 17. I like porridge
Lesson 18. Five little ducks
Lesson 20. One potato, two potatoes
Lesson 21. Fruit salad
Lesson 29. Happy birthday
Lesson 30. A birthday cake
Lesson 32. Christmas Tree
Lesson 33. Santa Claus
Lesson 38. Numbers 1-100
Lesson 41. Yes, you must
Lesson 48. Five senses
Lesson 53. Comparisons
Lesson 59. Lazy Mary
Lesson 60. Put on your shoes
Lesson 61. Small - smaller - smallest
Lesson 67. What is the weather like?
Lesson 70. Months of the year
Lesson 72. Days in months

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Form 2

Unit 1. What's your name?
Unit 2. Numbers
Unit 3. Name and age
Unit 4. A pencil, a book ...
Unit 5. One bag, two bags ...
Unit 6. How many
Unit 7. On, in, under, by
Unit 8. Colours
Unit 8. Favourite colour
Unit 9. I have a pet
Unit 10. One little finger
Unit 11. Wild animals
Unit 12. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes
Unit 13. Clothes
Unit 14. ABC
Unit 15. Finger family
Unit 16. Where are you from?
Unit 17. My family tree
Unit 19. Toys, toys
Unit 20. Teddy bear
Unit 22. What is it?
Unit 23. How many fingers?
Unit 24. Old MacDonald had a farm
Unit 25. Let's go to the zoo
Unit 26. In the park
Unit 30. What do you like to do?
Unit 33. Jobs
Unit 35. Very good professions
Unit 39. I can
Unit 40. I can 2
Unit 41. What can you do?
Unit 42. Under the Christmas tree
Unit 42. What is it? (Christmas)
Unit 42. We wish you a Merry Christmas
Unit 44. Sports
Unit 45. My family
Unit 46. What I'm doing
Unit 47. Are you walking?
Unit 49. What are you doing?
Unit 54. Every day
Unit 55. Good morning
Unit 56. I wake up
Unit 57. Good morning, good night
Unit 59. I wake up in the morning
Unit 59. This is the way
Unit 60. This is the way
Unit 60. Are you sleeping?
Unit 63. Hokey-pokey
Unit 68. The farmer in the dell
Unit 73. Open, close
Unit 76. The bath song
Unit 81. What's this? What's that?
Unit 82. Goodbye, friends!