A. Read and translate the words.

a woodpecker ___________
a hole ________________
a flowerbed ____________
to get lost _________________
to get wet __________________
to be worried ___________________

B. Put the words in the order you see them in the film.

pond, shed, fence, spade, Spot, fish, cat, rabbit, woodpecker

C. Fill in the words.

angry, careful, thirsty, noisy, curious, worried, wet, hungry, busy

1. Spot was very ________________, so Sally told him to play outside.
2. Spot promised to be ___________________ .
3. Spot was __________________, so he got out of the garden.
4. The cat was __________________, because Spot woke him up.
5. The woodpecker was ________________ making holes in the tree.
6. Spot was ___________________, so he looked for something to eat.
7. Spot felt ___________________, so he went to the pond to drink.
8. Spot fell into the pond. He was _______________ .
9. Sally was __________________, because she couldn't find Spot.

D. Fill in the words.
hole, holes, pond, shed, fence, lost, flowerbed, rabbit, bone, food, garden, home, fell, fish, tree, carrot

1. Sally told Spot to go for a walk in the _______________ .
2. She asked him not to get _______________ .
3. Spot got out of the garden through a hole in the ____________ .
4. Spot opened the door of the _________ and saw a cat.
5. Spot ran away from the cat and hid behind a ___________ .
6. A woodpecker was making __________ in the tree to get ____________ .
7. Spot saw a _____________ who was eating a ______________ .
8. He told Spot to look in the ________________________ .
9. Spot made a __________ in the ground and found a large __________ .
10. After eating Spot went to the _____________ and saw a ____________.
11. Spot ______________into the water and got wet.
12. It was time to go _____________ .