A. Watch the film and fill in the words.

bone, chalk, cloud, fence, flower chains, lunchbox, pond, pumpkin, shed, towel

1. Sally asked Spot to bring a basket from the ___________ .
2. Sally found a _____________ in the basket and asked Spot to take it back.
3. The duck was swimming in the _________________ .
4. Spot saw his friend Tom who had two blue ________________________ .
5. Spot lay down on a yellow ________________ and looked at the sun.
6. Spot and Tom saw a balloon over the _______________ .
7. There was a grey __________________ in the sky. It was going to rain.
8. Spot took his _____________ and drew a big ______________ on his board.
9. There was a glass of orange juice and a big _______________ on the table.

B. Read the definitions and write the words.

1. A white mineral you can draw with. ____________
2. A body of water usually smaller than a lake. ___________
3. A cloth used for wiping or drying. ____________
4. A large orange vegetable. ____________
5. A small building in a garden for keeping things. __________
6. A part of a skeleton. __________
7. A small container for taking food to work or to school. ____________