Впиши слова в пропуски.

was, was, played, played, went, went, woke, looked, saw, found, wanted, put, made, fell, gave, couldn't, came

One day Spot and his parents ________ to the beach. The weather ________ sunny. Spot ________ with his beach ball. Spot ________ swim, because the water ________ too cold. Spot's mum ________ him a bucket and spade. Spot ________ two sandcastles. Spot's mum ________ for shells, and his dad ________ asleep. Spot ________ a lot of sand on his sleeping dad. Spot's mum ________ a beautiful shell. When she ________ back, she couldn't find her husband. Spot ________ up his dad. Then Spot ________ a black puppy behind a net. Spot and the puppy ________ a game. Then Spot and his parents ________ home.