1. Нажми на картинки, чтобы их увеличить. Составь рассказ.

2. Напиши в тетради рассказ о своих летних каникулах по плану.

I'm going to tell you about my summer holidays.
In summer I was (at the seaside/in the country/in a camp/in Moscow/...)
I went there with my (parents/mother/sister/...)
We travelled by (train/car/plane/...)
It took us (eight hours/two days/...) to get there.
We stayed (at a hotel/at my grandparents/in our country house/...)
We stayed there for (a month/two weeks/...)
The weather was (hot/cold/warm/sunny/rainy/...)
I went to the (cinema/theatre/museum/forest/beach/...)
I (visited different places of interest/swam in the sea/played games/...)
I enjoyed (swimming/hiking/building a sandcastle/riding a bike/...) and ...
(I had a good/great/...) time / I had lots of fun) during my summer holidays.