A. Fill in the words.

lake, cliff, desert, waterfall, river, sea, forest, island, beach, mountain

1. There are a lot of trees in the _____________ .
2. In summer we went to the Black __________ .
3. I like to lie on the sand on the ____________.
4. Everest is the highest ______________ in the world.
5. The Volga ___________ is in Russia.
6. The Sahara __________ is in Northern Africa.
7. Baikal is the largest freshwater ____________ in the world.
8. Niagara Falls is the second largest _____________ in the world.
9. Great Britain is an _______________ .
10. Look! Seagulls have made their nests on that high ___________!

B. Fill in the words from Student's book p.34 ex.1.

1. You can buy medicine at the ______________.
2. You can buy a dictionary at the ____________.
3. You can buy flowers at the _______________.
4. You can buy food for your dog or cat at the_______________.
5. You can buy bread at the _________________.
6. You can buy meat at the _________________.
7. You can buy a jacket at the _______________.
8. You can buy pasta at the _________________.

C. Write what shops there are near your house.

e.g. There is a baker's, a chemist's, a bookshop and a clothes shop near our house.