A. Write sentences in the plural.

e.g. This is a bus. These are buses.

1. This is a river. ________________________
2. That is an island. _______________________
3. This is a waterfall. ______________________
4. That is a cliff. _________________________

B. Write sentences in the singular.

e.g. Those are buses. That is a bus.

1. These are reeds. ________________________
2. Those are forests. _______________________
3. These are beaches. ______________________
4. Those are deserts. ______________________

C. Fill in: There is, There are, Is there, Are there.

e.g. There are some forks on the table.

1. ______________ a lot of islands in the ocean.
2. _______________ a forest near the field?
3. _______________ tall reeds around the pond.
4. _______________ a waterfall on the river.
5. _______________ high cliffs near the sea?
6. _______________ any deserts in China?
7. ______________ a lake behind the mountain?
8. ______________ some huts on the beach.

D. Underline the right words.

1. Ann (dust/dusts) the furniture on Sundays.
2. We (make/makes) our beds in the morning.
3. They (clean/cleans) their shoes when they come home.
4. My brother (take/takes) out the rubbish.
5. I (vacuum/vacuums) the carpet every week.
6. Mike helps his mother to (lay/lays) the table.
7. My sister and I (tidy/tidies) our room.
8. Helen (feed/feeds) her pet twice a day.
9. Nick wants to (sweep/sweeps) the floor.