A. Read and translate the words.

make the bed
cook breakfast
cook dinner
lay the table
clear the table
wash the dishes
wash clothes
iron clothes
fold clothes
sweep the floor
wash the floor
dust the furniture
vacuum the carpet
clean the shoes
take out the rubbish
feed your pet
walk the dog
water the plants
do the shopping
tidy the room
look after your little brother

B. Fill in the words from ex. A.

lay the _________________
sweep the _______________
clear the ________________
do the __________________
walk the _________________
tidy the __________________
vacuum the _______________
dust the __________________
fold _____________________
take out the _______________
make the ________________
iron __________________

C. Underline the right words.

1. When I get up in the morning, I (make / makes) my bed. When I come home from school, I (clean / cleans) my shoes.

2. I often help my parents to (look / looks) after my little brother. I play games with him. When he goes to bed, I (tidy / tidies) the room.

3. In the morning my mother (cook / cooks) breakfast, and I help her to (lay / lays) the table. After breakfast I (clear / clears) the table and my sister helps my mother to (wash / washes) the dishes.

4. Mike has a dog. He (feed / feeds) his pet twice a day. In the morning, afternoon and evening he (take / takes) the dog for a walk.

5. On Saturdays my father (do / does) the shopping. He buys a lot of food at the supermarket.

6. There are a lot of plants in our flat. We (water / waters) them three times a week. Sometimes we (wash / washes) them.

7. On Sundays Alice helps her mother about the house. They usually (sweep / sweeps) the floor and (vacuum / vacuums) the carpets. Alice (dust / dusts) the furniture.

8. My grandmother usually (wash / washes) dirty clothes. When they are dry, she (iron / irons) them, and I help her to (fold / folds) the clothes and put them in the wardrobe.