A. Fill in the words: kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom.

1. There is a wardrobe and a bed in the _____________ .
2. There is a bath and a washbasin in the ___________ .
3. There is a sink and some cupboards in the _________ .
4. There is a sofa and a TV set in the _____________ .
5. There is a big table and six chairs in the __________ .

B. Look at the picture and fill in: is, are, isn't or aren't.

1. There ___________ a sofa in the living room.
2. There ____________ any curtains on the window.
3. There ____________ a wardrobe in the room.
4. There ____________ some cushions on the sofa.
5. There ____________ a table in the middle of the room.
6. There ____________ a mirror on the wall.

C. Look at the picture in exercise B and fill in: Is there or Are there. Then, answer the questions.

e.g. Is there a window in the room? Yes, there is.

1. ________ two armchairs in the room? ________
2. ________ a desk next to the window? ________
3. ________ a carpet on the floor? ________
4. ________ any books on the table? ________
5. ________ any cushions on the sofa? ________
6. ________ a flower next to the sofa? ________

D Fill in: some or any.

1. A: Are there ___________towels in the bathroom?
B: No, but there are ___________ in the wardrobe.
2. A: There are ____________ pictures in the living room.
B: Yes, but there aren't___________ in the bedroom.
3. A: There are ___________ cupboards in the kitchen.
B: Yes, and there are ____________ chairs there too.
4. A: There aren't _____________ cushions on the sofa.
B: No, but there are ____________ on the armchairs.
5. A: There are _________ books on the table.
B: That's because there aren't ____________ bookcases.