A.Translate the words.

a torch ____________________
to turn on _________________
to turn off _________________
a noise ___________________
sounds ___________________
an owl ____________________
a falling star ___________________
a sleeping bag __________________
a tent ___________________
to put up __________________

B. Put the words in the order you see them in the film:

a frog
a tent
a cat
a shooting star
a torch
an owl
sleeping bags

C. Correct the sentences.

e.g. Spot's sleeping bag was orange. blue

1. Tom and Helen came to spend the night in Spot's house.
2. They wanted to sleep their beds.
3. They saw a plane in the night sky.
4. They couldn't fall asleep because they heard some music.
5. There was a mouse in the tent.
6. The friends fell asleep in the tent.

D. Fill in the words.

dark, water, torch, owl, turned on, tent, noise, sounds, alone, careful, sweet, teeth, sleeping bags

1. Sam put up a _____________________ in the garden.
2. Spot's friends brought their _____________________________.
3. They got into the tent, and Helen asked them to be __________________ .
4. Sam gave Spot a ____________________.
5. Tom said that it was beginning to get _______________________.
6. Helen scared her friends. She made funny ______________________.
7. The friends tried to fall asleep. Suddenly they heard a ________________ .
8. Spot ____________________ the torch and they saw a cat.
9. Then they heard another sound. It was an _____________________.
10. Tom said he needed a drink of ______________ and went into the house.
11. Helen said she had forgotten to brush her ____________________.
12. Spot didn't want to stay ___________________ in the tent, so he went into the house, too.
13. Spot's parents wished the children _________________ dreams.

E. Watch the film and speak about Spot. Use exercises C and D.