A. Read the information, look at the picture, and underline the right words.
B. Write about John in your exercise book.

Name: Alice
Age: 38
Height: 154 cm
Eyes: green
Hair: fair
Name: John
Age: 65
Height: 187cm
Eyes: brown
Hair: grey

This is a (man/woman). Her name is Alice. She is (young/middle-aged/old). She is in her (early/mid-/late) thirties. Alice is (tall/of medium height/short). She is (slim/of medium build/overweight). She has got (short/medium length/long)(straight/wavy/curly)(fair/brown) hair and (large/small) (green/grey) eyes. She has got a (long/short) nose and a (large/small) chin. She has got a small mouth with (thin/full) lips.