Future tenses 2

Put the verbs in brackets into the future tenses, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. A: Have you decided where you're going for your holidays?
B: Yes, I (tour) Spain.
2. A: We've almost run out of petrol.
B: Don't worry. We (get) some on the way home.
3. A: Does your tooth hurt a lot?
B: Yes, I (see) the dentist tomorrow.
4. A: Excuse me, (you /use) this chair?
B: No. A: If not, may I take it?
5. A: Did you buy any cheese?
B: I forgot to, but I (get) some now if you like.
6. A: Do you know what the weather forecast is for tomorrow?
B: No, but I expect it (be) warmer than today.
7. A: Shall we go out tonight?
B: Sorry! I (eat) at the Chinese restaurant with Paul.
8. A: Watch out! You (trip) over that toy on the floor.
B: Oh! I didn't even see it.
9. A: When (the play/begin)?
B: It (start) by the time we get to the theatre.
10. A: Why have you turned on the water?
B: I am (wash) up.
11. A: I'm really hungry after all that hard work.
B: I (make) some sandwiches.