Reported speech (introductory verbs) 1

Turn the sentences into Reported Speech, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. "I know his address," she said.
She claimed address.
2. "Turn right!" he said to them.
He commanded right.
3. "Yes, I stole the car," he said.
He admitted the car.
4. "You may use a dictionary," she said to me.
She allowed a dictionary.
5. "I will return soon," he said.
He promised soon.
6. "You've hit the child!" I said to him.
I accused the child.
7. "Let's have a picnic!" they said.
They suggested a picnic.
8. "I can take you home," he said to me.
He offered home.
9. "Don't open the door!" she said to us.
She warned the door.
10. "Don't hesitate!" he said to me.
He persuaded .
11. "Don't forget to switch off the light!" I said to her.
I reminded the light.
12. "I'm the fastest runner!" he said.
He boasted the fastest runner.