Form 8

Form 7

Form 6

Crosswords (lessons 1-2)

Crossword "Weather" by Kirill Strelkov (form 6A)
Crossword "Weather" by Tonya Lavrova (form 6B)
Crossword "Weather" by Kate Koval (form 6V)
Crossword "Weather" by Ira Duletova (form 6B)
Crossword "Weather" by Olya Lebedinskaya (form 6V)
Crossword "Weather" by Natasha Golenishcheva (form 6B)

Rebuses (lesson 3)

Rebuses (part 1)
Rebuses (part 2)

Endangered Animals Quiz

Word searches (lessons 3-5)

Word search by Aleksey Anderson, form 6V
Word search by Alexander Anderson, form 6V
Word search by Taisia Travkina, form 6B
Word search by Alexey Seryakov, form 6A
Word search by Olga Lebedinskaya, form 6V


Visit the websites to find information on your topic and write an article.

Word searches (lesson 11)

Word search by Taisia Travkina and Natasha Golenishcheva, form 6B


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Test 3
Test 4
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Listening Test 2 (zip)
Listening Test 3 (zip)
Listening Test 4 (zip)
Listening Test 5 (zip)
Listening Test 6 (zip)
Listening Test 7 (zip)
Listening Test 8 (zip)

Football Quiz

Quiz A
Quiz B
Quiz C
Quiz A
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