Clauses of result

Change the sentences using the words in brackets.
The cat is so fat that it can't walk. (such)It is such a fat cat that it can't walk.
He's such a lazy man that he seldom gets out of bed. (so)The man is so lazy that he seldom gets out of bed.
The match was cancelled because it was raining. (due)The match was canceled due to the rain.
It was so smoky at the disco that we could hardly breathe. (consequently)It was very smoky at the disco. Consequently, we could hardly breathe.
It was such a noisy dog that I gave it away. (therefore)The dog was very noisy. Therefore, I gave it away.
He was always late, so he lost his job. (because)He lost his job because he was always late.
She doesn't have many friends because she's rude and unpleasant. (reason)The reason why she doesn't have many friends is that she's rude and unpleasant.
He got a promotion because he worked extremely hard. (therefore)He worked extremely hard. Therefore, he got a promotion.
The hotel was fully booked. Therefore, we stayed at a guest house. (because)We stayed at a guest house because the hotel was fully booked.