Clauses of Purpose

Change the sentences using the words in brackets.
We need the kettle. We boil water in it. (for)We need a kettle for boiling water in it.
Print the report. The boss may need it. (in case)Print the report in case the boss needs it.
The little boy hid. He thought he would be punished. (so as not to)The little boy hid so as not to be punished.
She wrote a letter. She wanted to tell us the news. (in order to)She wrote a letter in order to tell us the news.
He chained the dog. He didn't want it to bite the children. (to prevent it from)He chained the dog to prevent it from biting the children.
She put the keys in her bag. She didn't want to lose them. (in order not to)She put the keys in her bag in order not to lose them. (in order not to)
He took a sweater. He thought it would be cold. (in case)He took a sweater in case it was cold.
She saved some money. She wanted to buy a house. (with a view to)She saved some money with a view to buying a house.
The gardener uses a spade. He digs the ground. (for)The gardener uses a spade for digging the ground.
She locked the diamond in the safe. It might be stolen. (to prevent it from)She locked the diamond in the safe to prevent it from being stolen.
We're gathered here. We want to reach a decision. (with a view to)We're gathered here with a view to reaching a decision.
He called a taxi. He thought he could miss the plane. (in order not to)He called a taxi in order not to miss the plane. (in order not to)
He recorded the match. He wanted to watch it later. (so that)He recorded the match so that he could watch it later. (so that)
Let's buy some cakes. We may have guests. (in case)Let's buy some cakes in case we have guests. (in case)