Degrees of comparison

Fill in the right degrees of comparison, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. It is autumn now. The weather is getting and (cold).
2. I can't stop reading the novel. It is getting and (interesting).
3. Last summer was by far (hot) we have ever had.
4. The cartoon was much I had expected. (funny)
5. Writing my essay took half (long) as I thought.
6. This trick seems much (difficult) than the others.
7. This is by far (unusual) item in his collection.
8. Ann is quite lazy. Actually, she is (little / hard-working) person in our office.
9. Is George (tall) as Frank? – No, Frank is slightly (tall). He is (tall) boy in our class.
10. As Tom was driving towards his destination, the road was becoming and (wide).
11. This car is twice (expensive) as the one you bought last year. In fact, it is (expensive) car you have ever bought.
12. The (much) you practise climbing, the (confident) you become.
13. Is Helen (rich) George? – No, she is (little/rich) than him. Actually, she is much (poor).
14. This test is by far (easy) I have ever written.