Reported speech (introductory verbs) 4
congratulated, apologized, threatened, reminded, promised, begged, accused, agreed, admitted, ordered, forbade, refused, suggested, advised, denied, warned

Turn the sentences into Reported Speech, using the verbs, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. 'No, I won't do your homework for you,' she said to me.
She my homework for me.
2. 'You lied to me,' Dennis told Ann.
Dennis to him.
3. 'I promise I won't tell anyone your secret,' Тага said to Diana.
Tara anyone Diana's secret.
4. 'Don't forget to lock the door,' Mum said to me.
Mum the door.
5. 'I'm sorry I ruined your blouse,' Sarah told her mother.
Sarah her mother's blouse.
6. 'No, I didn't use Tim's computer,' George said.
George Tim's computer.
7. 'Don't get too close to the fire,' she said to the children.
She close to the fire.
8. 'Let's go to the disco,' Simon said.
Simon to the disco.
9. 'I'll punish you if you behave badly,' Mum told the twins.
Mum the twins if they behaved badly.
10. 'It was me who broke the vase,' Mike said.
Mike the vase.
11. 'Congratulations! You've got the first prize!' she said to him.
She the prize.
12. 'Yes, I'll help you with the washing-up,' Sandra told me.
Sandra me with the washing-up.
13. 'Throw down your weapons!' the policeman said to the robbers.
The policeman down their weapons.
14. 'Please, please, don't tell anyone about this,' he said to us.
He anyone about that.
15. 'You should stop smoking,' the doctor told him.
The doctor smoking.
16. 'No, you may not stay out late tonight,' the father said to Louise.
The father out late that night.