Reported speech - orders and requests

Fill in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The teacher: "Pete, come to the blackboard."
The teacher told Pete to the blackboard.
2. Kate: "Please, don't cry, Cindy."
Kate asked Cindy .
3. The mother: "Mary, help me in the kitchen."
The mother told Mary in the kitchen.
4. Dan: "Nick, don't use my computer!"
Dan told Nick computer.
5. Rachel: "Helen, give me a pencil, please."
Rachel asked Helen a pencil.
6. The father: "Go to bed, Tim."
The father told Tim to bed.
7. We: "Max, don't climb that tree."
We told Max that tree.
8. Jane: "Please, Mike, don't be naughty."
Jane asked Mike naughty.