Reported speech - special questions

Fill in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The florist / us: "Which flowers do you prefer?"
The florist asked us .
2. Andy: "What will my mother say tomorrow?"
Andy wondered the next day.
3. We / Dan, "Where did you spend your holiday?"
We asked Dan holiday.
4. They: "What is the weather like today?"
They wondered like that day.
5. John: "When does the race begin?"
John wondered .
6. Mother / me: "When did you get up this morning?"
Mother asked me up that morning.
7. Liz: "What are they waiting for?"
Liz wondered for.
8. Vicky / Tim: "What were you doing at 6 o'clock yesterday?"
Vicky asked Tim at 6 o'clock the day before.
9. Steve / me: "How many tickets did you buy last week?"
Steve asked me how many tickets the week before.