Reported speech - general questions

Fill in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. He: "Is it snowing hard now?"
He wondered hard then (at that moment).
2. The tourist / me: "Do you speak English?"
The tourist asked me English.
3. The coach: "Does the athlete train every day?"
The coach wondered every day.
4. Jerry / me: "Are you having an exam tomorrow?"
Jerry asked me an exam the next day.
5. Mother / Susan: "Were you taking a bath at 6 o'clock yesterday?"
Mother asked Susan a bath at 6 o'clock the day before.
6. We: "Has the actress achieved success?"
We wondered success.
7. They / us: "Will you go shopping next weekend?"
They asked us shopping the next weekend (the following weekend).
8. The magician / him: "Have you seen our latest production?"
The magician asked him their latest production.
9. Mike / me: "Did you try snowboarding last year?"
Mike asked me snowboarding the previous year (the year before).