Reported speech - negative statements

Fill in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The teacher / us: "The lecture doesn't begin now."
The teacher told us that the lecture then (at that moment).
2. My friends: "We aren't going out these days."
My friends said that they out days.
3. The conductor / me: "You haven't paid for the ticket."
The conductor told me that I for the ticket.
4. The students: "We didn't write the test last week."
The students said that they the test the week before (the previous week).
5. The doctor / them: "You won't be able to attend classes tomorrow."
The doctor told them that they able to attend classes the next day.
6. Nick / me: "My sister wasn't driving this car."
Nick told me that his sister that car.
7. Mary: "I didn't forget to lock the door yesterday."
Mary said that she to lock the door the .