Reported speech - statements

Fill in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Mr Fenton / me: "I'm reading your documents now."
Mr Fenton told me that documents then (at that time).
2. The waiter / us: "Your bill is here."
The waiter told us that .
3. Ann / them: "Our train leaves today at 3.30."
Ann told them that at 3.30.
4. The Browns: "We had a good time this summer."
The Browns said that a good time summer.
5. Liz / me: "I'm seeing my friends here next Sunday."
Liz told me that she friends the following Sunday (the next Sunday).
6. Jim / his mother: "I've just washed these plates."
Jim told his mother that plates.
7. Alice: "I saw this film yesterday."
Alice said that film the day .
8. Father / Sarah: "I'll fix your bike tomorrow."
Father told Sarah that bike the next day.
9. Ben: "I was having problems at school last week."
Ben said that he problems at school the previous week (the week before).
10. Helen: "My brother won the marathon three days ago."
Helen said that her brother the marathon three days .