Future tenses 3

Put the verbs in brackets into the future tenses, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. She is very determined. She (probably win).
2. If you (not hurry) we (miss) the bus.
3. Don't phone me at 3 o'clock. I (study).
4. By the time you receive the letter we (finish) our exams.
5. It's cold in here. I (turn on) the heating.
6. Look out! He (break) that glass!
7. (you / see) Paul at school tomorrow?
8. By the time we join her, she (clean) the flat for an hour.
9. I hope he (like) his birthday present.
10. She (write) the essay by next week.
11. I (ski) in the Alps this time next week.
12. I (play) golf on Sunday. I'm a member of the club and I play every weekend.
13. The boat (leave) at 8 o'clock in the morning.
14. Do you think they (return) from the trip by Monday?
15. (you/drive) into town this afternoon? Can you give me a lift?
16. They (build) their house by May.
17. By this time next month he (take) piano lessons for 2 years.
18. I can't join you. I (have) dinner with Jane this evening.