Reported speech (introductory verbs) 3
suggested, offered, insisted, warned, begged, accused, promised, boasted, reminded, denied, apologized, ordered

Turn the sentences into Reported Speech, using the verbs, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. "You broke the computer!" I said to him.
I the computer.
2. "I am sorry I didn't call you," she said to me.
She .
3. "I'm the cleverest student!" he said.
He the cleverest student.
4. "Open the safe immediately!" they said to her.
They the safe immediately.
5. "We have to finish the work!" he said.
They the work.
6. "I can wash the dishes," she said.
She the dishes.
7. "No, I didn't use the phone," he said.
He the phone.
8. "I will meet you at the airport," she said to us.
She at the airport.
9. "Why don't we have a party?" I said.
I a party.
10. "Don't go near the edge," he said to them.
He near the edge.
11. "Remember to book the tickets for the theatre," I said to him.
I the tickets for the theatre.
12. "Please, please don't go away!" she said to us.
She away.