Reported speech (introductory verbs) 2

Turn the sentences into Reported Speech, then press "Check" to check your answers.
13. "No, I won't lend you the bicycle," I said to him.
I refused the bicycle.
14. "No, I didn't break the vase," he said.
He denied the vase.
15. "I'm sorry I hurt you," he said to me.
He apologised .
16. "You have to visit your grandma," mother said to me.
Mother insisted grandma.
17. "You mustn't turn on the music!" she said to us.
She forbade the music.
18. "Stop talking!" she said to them.
She ordered talking.
19. "You should enter the competition," he said to me.
He encouraged the competition.
20. "I will call the police!" she said.
She threatened the police.
21. "Please, please give me some money!" he said to them.
He begged some money.
22. "Why don't you stay in our country house?" they said to us.
They invited in their country house.
23. "You've won the race! Congratulations!" he said to me.
He congratulated the race.
24. "I think you should see a dentist," I said to her.
I advised a dentist.