Past tenses

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Yesterday at nine he (sit) in front of his computer.
2. I (hurry) to the library when I met (meet) him.
3. She (can) swim well when she was younger.
4. Why (you / not / see) a doctor yesterday?
5. It (rain) heavily when he (go) out.
6. My brother (wash) the dishes while I (sweep) the floor.
7. I (be) very busy yesterday. I (prepare) for my exam the whole day.
8. Why (you / be) angry with me yesterday?
9. When I (come) to the bus stop, I (see) a boy who (play) with a dog.
10. The picnic (be) so much fun. The sun (shine), the kids (run) around and the adults (play) volleyball.