Present tenses

Put the verbs in brackets into the present tenses, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. I’m exhausted. I (train) my stomach muscles all morning.
2. His heart (appear) to be in good condition now.
3. Due to global warming, the average temperature (get) higher and higher.
4. We (see) John and Susie next weekend.
5. Nell is very tired. She (write) business reports all morning.
6. Their parents (be) friends since their childhood.
7. My husband (always / taste) the food while I'm cooking. It's very annoying!
8. The dish-washer is OK now. Dad (repair) it.
9. His plane (leave) at nine o’clock next Friday.
10. Jack (fail) his driving test three times because he doesn't know how to park.
11. I can't understand why she (be) so rude. He isn't usually like that.
12. He (seem) to be very happy today.
13. My elder sister (appear) in a play soon.
14. This coffee (not / taste) right.
15. They (not / own) this luxurious townhouse now.
16. I (drink) too much coffee these days because I'm so busy at work.
17. (you / start) any new projects recently?
18. I’m very angry with them because they (tell) lies about me to my friends.
19. I (not / hear) about him for a long time.
20. I (not / need) the iPod right now. You can take it.