Present tenses

Put the verbs in brackets into the present tenses, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. I (never / hear) that song before.
2. Mother (cook) for over an hour.
3. Who (own) this house nowadays?
4. My flat is too small. I (think) of buying a new one.
5. Alice (not / pass) her driving test because she doesn’t know the rules well.
6. I (not / sleep) well these days.
7. Zoe (live) in London since she was born.
8. You can go. He (not / need) your help now.
9. Jack (not / have) a holiday for 5 years.
10. Helen (always / lose) her keys. Why doesn’t she keep them in her purse?
11. I’m angry because he (use) my car again.
12. She (be) kind to me. Usually she’s really mean.
13. I (not /see) him for ages.
14. Don’t call her now. She (have) a bath.
15. Your clothes are dirty. What (you / do)?
16. He (see) his grandparents tonight.
17. More and more people (become) vegetarians.
18. We are very tired. We (walk) in the mountains.