Present tenses

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Nicky (think) of giving up her job.
2. This sauce is great. It (taste) really good.
3. I can't understand why he (be) so selfish. He isn't usually like that.
4. These gloves (not / fit) me. They're too small.
5. She (not / seem) very happy today.
6. John is very excited because he (appear) in a new film soon.
7. (you / see) that man over there? Why (he / look) at us?
8. I usually (enjoy) parties, but I (not / enjoy) this one very much.
9. (you / think) these curtains will match my furniture?
10. What (you / do) tonight? – I (see) my friends at 8 o'clock.
11. Why (you / smell) the soup? (it / smell) sour?
12. She (taste) the apple pie to see if it is sweet enough.
13. Don't bother the child, he ( have) a nap.
14. Tom (appear) to be very rude.
15. My mum (have) short curly hair.