Form 10 Unit 4 p.100 ex.1

Read the definitions and say the words
a violently rotating column of air that causes a lot of destruction on its waytornado
a very large wave which causes a lot of damage when it hits the landtsunami
a large amount of snow and ice that suddenly falls down a mountainavalanche
a large amount of water that covers an area that was dry beforeflood
a discharge of gas, ash and lava from a volcanovolcanic eruption
a strong wind in the desert that blows clouds of sand in the airsandstorm
a large storm with very high winds that turn around an area of low pressurecyclone
an electrical discharge that hits smb/sth during a stormlightning strike
a sudden shaking movement of the groundearthquake
a storm with a lot of snow and strong windsblizzard
a long period of time when there is no rain and plants diedrought
a storm in which a lot of small balls of ice fall like rainhailstorm
a violent storm with extremely strong winds (over 120 km/h) and heavy rainhurricane
a storm with thunder and lightning and usually heavy rainthunderstorm
flames that burn trees on a large area of landforest fire
a continuous period of very hot weather, especially when this is unusualheatwave